Colour Meaning


Colours have played an important role in different countries and cultures since ancient times and have a different effect on the human psyche and body. Each colour has a characteristic wavelenth and an energy that affects our body.

For example, in China, the color red indicates energy; for the European region, white indicates purity. It is interesting to note that white has a reflective effect, capable of absorbing black.

Scientific studies have shown that colors affect our mood and are able to harmonize the mind and body. However, colors not only affect the mood, but can also have an effect on physical processes. The healing effect of colors forms the basis of color therapy. The healing effect can be achieved by coloring a room or by using colored light.

Arch. Prabhat Poddar determined, after a long research, that colors are related to the Nadis (energy axes) and that the body is divided into different color zones – the colors of the body must always be correctly positioned. Prabhat Poddar’s chromotherapy offers several ways to reconcile body colors, as well as the correct positioning and application of color points in the living area of ​​the house.