The 4 main types of magnetic grids on the Earth


There are 4 types of grid of the earth’s magnetic field. They play a fundamental role in Vastu architecture and in the corrections of the buildings developed by architect Prabat Poddar.

  1. Normal grid
  2. Base grid
  3. Principal grid
  4. Hartmann grid  

The normal grid with 2 grid lines

This magnetic grid consists of two grid lines, at a distance of about 8-10 meters from each other. They radiate from the earth’s surface at 90 ° (vertically). The precise distance depends on the nature of the earth, eg. rocky terrain or other. The magnetic grid is surrounded by a neutral zone, which in turn has other grids, such as eg. the “main grid”. The width of the neutral zones is between 4 and 6 meters.One of the fundamental characteristics of the “normal grid” is to have a negative polarity and a positive polarity: one grid line has a positive pole and the other has a negative pole (as in a battery). These polarities have nothing to do with the South Pole and the North Pole. Most cathedrals have been built on “normal grids”, with the pillars mostly located at grid intersections.

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The principal grid with 81 fields

This magnetic grid is made up of 10 intersecting grid lines, each giving rise to 9 subdivisions, all enclosed by a neutral zone. Just like the „normal grid“, the lines radiate vertically (90 °) from the earth’s surface. The distance between the lines is about 4-6 meters. The “base grid” was often used for the construction of sacred places. Some palace courtyards are built on a “basic grid” with 9X9 fields. Around the fields is the neutral zone where the residential areas have been planned.

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The main grid with 121 fields

This magnetic grid is made up of 12 grid lines which, intersecting one another, each give rise to 11 subdivisions. The grid lines radiate vertically (90 °) from the earth’s surface and have a distance between them of about 4-6 meters. All fields are always surrounded by a neutral zone.

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The Hartmann grid with 26 lines

In this magnetic grid there are 26 lines, which can have different widths. The width of the grid lines depends on the radiation angle of the ground: it is generally 23 cm, but this measurement can also be greater. Of the 26 grid lines, 13 radiate to the left and 13 to the right. In the latter case, the lines radiate not vertically but obliquely from the ground.

The distance of the Hartmann lines is, in an east-west direction, usually  of 2.5 meters; in a north-south direction, usually of 2 meters. In exceptional cases, the lines can have a distance of up to 4 meters.