Earth radiations and electrosmog at your sleep and work place


The causes of sleep disorders, chronic diseases, constant infections can be different. In addition to electrosmog, terrestrial emissions can also have a negative effect on us. It has been known for thousands of years that terrestrial radiation has a great influence on humans and animals. In the past, dowsers could detect these harmful radiations and allow them to avoid these places. Today, dowsers are known as geobiological consultants or building biologists. In addition to the rod and the pendulum, they also use other physicochemical devices.

The terrestrial radiations are instead deviations from the magnetic field oft he earth. These „disturbance areas“ are caused by faults, undergroung waterways, cavities, fractures, as well as by passages oft he magnetic field. If the place where you sleep or the workplace are affected by terrestrial emissions, crossing points, electrosmog etc., these can affect our bodily functions, weaken our organism and cause disease. In case of persistent symptoms, it would be worth having your home analyzed, eg. For insomnia, tension and tiredness after waking up, headaches, chronic diseases, joint and muscle pain, lack of concentration, incontinence.

Among other things, terrestrial radiation can also affect our body functions, such as heart rate, pulse rate or the electrical resistance of the skin surface. For example, if these symptoms disappear or improve by changing the postion oft he bed or workplace, this is a clear indication that something is wrong.