Silver pendant


The harmonising pendant strengthens the protection of the body’s own energy system with the help of its octagonal shape, the silver metal it is made of and the powerful symbol of dynamics. The external influences from which one should protect oneself are: natural radiation such as water veins  ley lines, technologically induced radiation, such as, mobile telephony and other foreign energies.

An important part of the overall understanding regarding the subtle structure of the human being, which is hardly known in our western culture, are the energy axes (Nadis). Due to various external influences, the natural optimal state of these energy pathways in our body are disturbed. This leads to permanent stress and to a permanent loss of energy. As a result, illnesses, especially of a chronic nature, can arise.

When wearing the pendant, the magnetic influencess are still present and are not diverted, however, they become reversed or nutralised in such a way that they no longer have a negative effect on the energy system of the person.

The silver pendant is available in two sizes, with a diameter of 17 mm or 25 mm. It can be worn as a necklace on the neck or as a bracelet on the left wrist.

Arch. Dr. Prabhat Poddar has also tested the pendandt’s effect on drones that work with the same frequency band as 5G technology. He found that when holding such a drone without wearing the pendant, a person’s energy axes are strongly shifted outwards, therefore decentreing the person’s energy field. By wearing the silver charm, the person’s energy axes have been tested to remain centred in the body.