Information and professional studies on the magnetic grids of the Earth


The study elaborated by doctor Ernst Hartmann (1954) and described in detail in his book “Illness as a location problem” links the Hartmann grid to the Earth’s magnetic field.

The “Curry grill” bears the name of the American Dr. Manfred Curry, born in Munich in 1899, who was a prolific writer and inventor.

The result of the scientific research project of Dr. Otto Bergsmann of the University of Vienna (1989) was published in his book published in 1990: “The risk factor location – Dowsing Zones and Man”.

Dr. Rudolf Kessler with naturopath and geopathologist Andreas Kopschina conducted a study on 52 patients. Both received the research award from the Foundation of German Naturopaths in 1992. You can read the study online on the website of the German professional association of geopathologists and construction biologists. The studies cited above, as well as the study by Kopschina and Daun, clearly demonstrate that there are chronic or recurrent diseases directly connected with the existence of terrestrial radiation, for example, where you sleep.

Another study entitled “The pathogenic effect of geopathic stress” was conducted by physician and naturopath Andreas Kopschina in collaboration with naturopaths Wolfgang and Ursula Daun. This is a very large study involving 8,200 patients. For this, the authors received the Research Award of the German Foundation for Alternative Medicine (1994) and the Gold Medal of Merit (1998). This study is available on the website of the German Association of Geopathologists and Building Biologists.