Brunner family from Val Venosta:

Dear Valeria, Johann and Prabhat,

we would like to thank you fort he Vastu corrections you made in our home. Thanks to you I can finally sleep well and my daughter also sleeps more and is much calmer. What strikes me ist hat even the scent oft he house has changed, everything seems more harmonious. In the past, I often noticed that there were „presences“ in the house, not to nice to me, and now these too have disappeared. The relationship between us as a couple has also improved a lot. I feel more comfortable a balanced. Thank you for your kindness and your enthusiasm, which has been contageous for all of us. We wish you the best of luck and hope that many people can fully experience their homes agian though Vastu corrections!

Best wishes,

Uli, Franz and Lia from Val Venosta – South Tyrol

Astrid Schönweger from Merano:

I met Valeria and Johann Burger in India, in Maitreyi. They both wore an interesting pendant and they explained to me that it was used to protect them and above all that it was useful against radiation of any kind.

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This triggered something inside of me. I was born with some psychic abilities that have some “side effects”, if you really want to call them that. In addition to complicating my life, they have even intensified with the passage of time. When I am in a crowd for a longer period, I have to “raise my shields” so that I don’t get too much stimulation – thoughts, feelings, pain, other people’s worries, etc. On good days they last almost a day, on bad days only an hour. Oh well, someone will say, then it will do without these “immersions” in the crowd. If only it were that simple. Going to the market or concert, going to the theater or a conference, to the cinema or just visiting a city – all of this becomes difficult.

The “overload”, as I define the phenomenon when all my barriers collapse, consists in taking on a huge amount of things that don’t belong to me, feelings, symptoms and much more. It takes me days to feel me myself again. Usually I have to withdraw, not because I want to, but because I have no alternative. I also use a lot of energy to raise and maintain my protective shields. Since I have been wearing the pendant the quality of my life has increased considerably. I no longer feel the need to shield myself being in the midst of people – the pendant is there to protect me. It’s like they put sunglasses on my third eye. In general I perceive less and, to tell the truth, I really don’t care. Now I can do all those things that I had to give up due to my problem – let’s not even talk about the energy that I have used so far only for protection and which is now available to me for FREE.

Thank you for this!

Astrid Schönweger (Author of ”Die Vintschger Typenlehre“) from Merano – South Tyrol

Karin B., near Baden-Baden (Germany):

Dear Johann, dear Valeria, dear prabhat,

already during the correction I had the clear feeling that something heavy, burdensome was simply dissolving in the air. You were like a vortex spinning around the apartment and you carried lightness and brightness with you. This feelinf of brightness persisted. When my son came home, he asked me why I had changed eveything. Infact,I had only turned the dining table and chairs 90 degrees. During the subsequent visit, my mother found everything „very clean“, while a friend fond the atmosphere around him particularly light :)))))

In my apartment I still feel a very good, beautiful light sensation and am grateful for the Vastu corrections you have made for me.

Karin B., Baden-Baden – Germany

Mrs. Maria Esser di Lana:

In my current apartment, where I moved some time ago, I was having trouble sleeping. When a friend of mine introduced me to Johann and Valeria, I immediately called them home and asked them to help me. During their visit, they found a flow of water in the sleeping area and a magnetic grid that crossed it. They applied Vastu enery corrections and the beauty o fit all ist hat I didn’t have to change anything around the house! I couldn’t have moved the bed anyway, as the room is very small.

I am 90 years old now and have been enjoying a wonderful sleep ever since; for this I am very grateful.

Thanks for you quick commiment and you help.

Maria Esser di lana – South Tyrol

Frieda Hofer – Valle Aurina

Dear Valeria and Johann,

I would like to thank you very much fort he Vastu correction: it positively changed my quality of life. I have always had the feeling of cold in the apartment. I bought a new matress and a slatted base, as I suffered from sleep problems, but I did not know the cause. Then in the middle oft he night, I heard a sound that seemed like a fan. I could only sleep until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. Thus, I was tired and in addition health problems followed (headaches, rheumatisms among others). A friend told me that there was the possibility of having the house corrected according to Vastu method: I immediately accepted. Since the corrections have been made, I have noticed changes after a few days. I feel good and balanced again. Thanks to your loving and helpful nature, these problems are a a thing oft he past.

Best regards, Frieda – South Tyrol

Anna and Toni di Funes – Alto Adige

Gladly we share our impressions after your Vastu correction on our house.
For me (Anna), the quality of my sleep has changed. To my amazement the first night I slept for 7 hours straight. It hadn’t happened in a long time. Now when I wake up at night I go back to sleep immediately and sleep longer altogether.
Before when I woke up during the night I could no longer fall asleep, around 5AM my night was already over.

Now we experience a great lightness and relaxation, also with respect to the sale oft he house and moving homes,. It feels as though our correctly oriented home accompanied us in the process.
At present joy of living and lightheartedness is diffusing. This is wonderful.

We think that healing and evolution occur on multiple levels of consciousness. Sometimes we can’t tell. One is always in support oft he other. At the moment we feel this harmony.

We wish to thank you both with all our hearts for your lightness, for your joy, for your precious work done with such sensitivity and which does so much good.

Anna and Toni – South Tyrol

Bauer family from Castelrotto

My 3 year old son Christian woke up every 2nd night 3 times crying!!

At first I thought he was having bad dreams… but, every time he screamed, every night, I wondered if his screams could really only come from nigntmares.

Then I heard that the cause of restless sleep or sleep disturbance may also be due to radiation, I asked Johann and Valeria to check the place where Christian sleeps. The interesting thing was that the restless sleep and the screaming had nothing to do with the rays oft he earth (veins of water or magnetic grid lines), but with the opening oft he balcony door that „cut“ the bed. They explained to me that no door should „cut“ the place where you sleep or work, as this can cause serious problems in the long run. Since Johann and Valeria have made corrections to the house, Christian sleeps all night and even his screams are just something oft he past. That this was not just a coincidence, I had proof some time later during a holiday in Val Pusteria. Christian again had the same problem he had at home and in fact there was a door that „cut“ the bed. This was further confirmation of how important a good place to sleep is. I am very grateful to johann and Valeria for solving this problem and helping my son.

Thanks and best regards,

Margit from Castelrotto – South Tyrol

Wolf/Vollath family from Neusiedl/See

Dear Valeria, dear Johann,

after doing the energy correction in our apartment, I can actually sleep again. I finally have a deep sleep, I feel absolutely nothing during the night. I just wake up when my daughter calls me or screams, or if something is going on with her. One night there was a very strong storm and I felt absolutely nothing. Now I can’t wait to go to sleep again, because it almost feels like a vacation and I’m no longer so exhausted. Roland (my husband) also told me that suddenly the transmission towers in our vicinity don’t bother him anymore – he hardly notices them. Before the energy correction these transmission towers were always a problem. Thanks for your work in our home.

Best wishes,

Lisa and Roland from Neusiedl/See – Austria

Isabella Brugiaferri – Milan

Since you came, I immediately felt the house was more spacious, I feel as if the house has bicome bigger, more open. At night I can sleep peacfully, I finally get a restful sleep and not disturbed as before. Everything is calme and more peaceful, I feel calmer, even the cats, who used to sleep with me in the morning!! Before they used to be just with me.

I also feel more active and more willing to do things, such as cooking, I often find myself making new recipes and cooking with more enthusiasm than before.

My son and his girlfriend are also feeling this positive change. Especially his girlfriend told me that she sleeps peacefully and soundly! She usually has trouble falling asleep, but when she comes here she told me she falls asleep right away! And she feels more serene, because she feels so much positivity around her.

Isabella Brugiaferri – Italy

Christel Stumpp from Dornhan

Dear Valeria and Johann,

18 days have passed since the day oft he „Vastu“ correction of 09/12/18 and it is important form e to give you some feedback (now that I have regained my strength): Immediately from the first night we experienced a deep and restorative „Sleeping Beauty“ sleep. Since then we have been constantly deep sleep and wake up in the morning without having to set the alarm, jumping out of bed like two crickets. I’m not exaggerating, that’s right! I can finally work in the office and use the rooms in the attic. I carry out my work and activities with greater ease. We feel great being at home and I (in 18 days!) have recovered meny things left unfinished for years.

However in the first few days our cat was quite disoriented and confused. Nothinfìg suited her. Her bed between my feet (crossed by a disturbing area) had become uniteresting to her. It was a good decision not to correct his chair (at the intersection of a vein of water). Now she sleeps there.

I am so happy to have gotten to know you and even more happy tob e attending the Vastu training with Dr. Prabhat Poddar soon!

The positive change we found in our home was so significant that SPONTANEOUSLY we decided to ask you to perform a further „Vastu“ corrections, this time in my mother’s apartment. My mother is basically a skeptical woman, but she gave her consent. She had heart problems in the first days there was a storm and her weak heart is always sensitive with bad weather. Therefore perhaps it would be appropriate to speak of a „homeopathic aggravation“. Currently I can say that my mother is happier. At Christmas she told me she wanted to join a „creative group“ (which is completely new because she has always been a loner). There are also other things that indicate to me that my mother has „more will to live“, she is more vital. We have never laughed so much and so heartily in her home.

Christel Stumpp, Dornhan (Germany)

Susanne Siffermann from Zell Unter Aichelberg

Dear Valeria and Johann,

Some time has passed since your surgery at home and I would like to let you know that the quality of my sleep has increased significantly. I can again afford to use the whole bed, not just a part – which before the „Vastu“ correction had become almost impossible.

My whole body feels much more relaxed.

Thanks again, you are doing a great job!

Dear greetings,

Susanne by Zell Unter Aichelberg – Germany

Ralf & Carola Kotalla from Haigerloch

Hi Valeria and Johann,

We are fine and the harmony in our home is also increasing.
We thank you for your commitment.
Already after a few days we can say that we feel greater serenity! Carola perceives it with greater inner happiness and the feeling of being at home!

And our 3 new members feel just as good, even though they are a rooster and two hens!

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist Hahn-Hühner.jpg

It seems to us that all of our animals feel more relaxed.

Best regards from Haigerloch


Labor Kotalla GbR
Kätzling 2 D-72401 Haigerloch Germany – Tel. +49 (0) 7474 95360 – mob. +49 (0) 171 622 85 21

Angelika & Jurgen Schwenk from Epfendorf

Hi Valeria,
Hi Johann,
Hi Chistel,

I am sending you our impression after you have performed the Vastu correction:

On the day of your correction Vastu, returning home after the wlk with the dog, I exclaimed: “The house seems fresher and calmer to me.”

My critical thinking made me reflect:

It may be that the freshness is due to having left the windows and the door open, but no, instead Itoday I perceive, in my home and on my ground it is cooler, calmer and also more harmonious.

So doing the Vastu correction was the right decision for us.

Meanwhile, Angelika’s night rest has also normalized.
In this sense we thank you and send a warm greeting from Epfendorf.

Angelika & Jurgen Schwenk – Epfendorf – Germany

Stocker family from Merano – Maia Alta:

In February 2019, my husband and I invited Johann and Valeria, because our 4 year old twins suffered from insomnia, especially our son suffered various health problems. Our children woke up regularly around 3am and had a „party“ preventing us adults from getting our sleep.

Over time, our son suffered from chronic breathing problems that forced us to frequent hospital visits. We returned from the hospital with no results as the cause of his breathing difficulties has never been found.
Due tot he problems of insomnia and the baby’s difficult breathing, we all suffered in the family, including the grandmother who often intervened to bring some calm.
With the „Lecher“ antenna Johann and Valeria tested and ascertained that a magnetic net ran in the children’s bed area along the wall, at the height oft he child’s chest they found another 2 lines of magnetic grids (grids nodes magnetic). In addition, there were negative influences on the children’s bed, due tot he retraction oft he two doors (the entrance door and the balcony door). A strong magnetic grid-line was also found in our bedroom which disturbed our sleep.

The first week, after Valeria and Johann did the correction, I didn’t sleep a wink as I couldn’t hear the children getting up anymore. I kept checking to see if they were okay.
Since then the baby’s condition has normalized and now we can all sleep peacefully.

After this experience, I realised how important a deep and restful sleep is.

We thank you you for your work – it has greatly increased the quality of our life.

Best wishes Sonja,

Fam. Stocker from Merano – South Tyrol

Agnes Schwienbacher from Val d’Ultimo:

Hi Valeria and Johann,
what seemed really great to me about the Vastu correction you performed in my home:
I was writing my book, but for some reason I couldn’t go on.
After the Vastu correction, things got going and I regained my mental clarity again.

My four-year-old granddaughter was in a good mood from day one of the Vastu correction, which was very unusual for her.

Day by day she was more and more lovable, really cheerful, everything was fine. Her unruly being was gone! :o)

Best wishes,


Agnes Schwienbacher from St. Pankraz / Val d’Ultimo – South Tyrol

Aleksandra Filipovic from Weitnau

I recently moved into an apartment located in a fairly dated building.
The apartment is very quiet and bright. In the immediate vicinity flows a small river.
From the first day I was able to notice a “stagnant” atmosphere inside my new home, as if energy did not circulate.
For this reason I kept the windows open day and night; hearing the little river flow gave me the sensation of vitality.

Things changed after the correction with the Vastu; the apartment remained quiet 😃 but I have the feeling that “you breathe”.

I feel at my best. Thanks Johann and Valeria! 🙏

Aleksandra Filipovic from Weitnau – Germany

Gloriana Dalmazi of Pordenone

In May 2019 we had our home refurbished. Taking the year into “account” to date, August 2020, we can say that it was a lucky year in which many important family situations have taken a good turn and we can say that, in all this, the Vastu rectification has had and important role.

For this reason it was natural for us, only a few days ago, to take the opportunity in which Johann and Valeria were passing by our neighbourhood to rectify the holiday cottage, a small apartment in the mountains, a magical and silent place … It immediately acquired the “flavor” of home, the same energy, the same sense of protection, peace and strength that we already lived in the city (despite the challenging social dynamics of recent months !!).

We are very grateful to Johann and Valeria for their work and we obviously thank architect Poddar for this splendid knowledge that we feel we can recommend to those who care about their own health and happiness and that of their family…. In short: To everyone!

Gloriana Dalmazi of Pordenone – Italy