Building corrections according to Dr. Prabhat Poddar


In ancient cultures, architects had the knowledge of correct construction – knowledge which, sadly, has long since been lost.
Nowadays, most buildings are constructed incorrectly, a factor that can adversely affect health, interpersonal relationships, and the economic well-being of the occupants.
In the Vastu philosophy, a significant part of life problems are attributed to the incorrectness of the buildings in which we spend our lives. In addition, today, we also have other negative factors, such as stress, a neighborhood that is not always ideal, environmental influences, electrosmog, etc.
Over the course of 30 years, Dr. Prabhat Poddar has developed various methods and techniques to correct apartments, houses and workplaces, for example by neutralizing the effects of negative influences or electrosmog.
Through the energy corrections developed by Prabhat, the radiation is not “canceled”, but the negative effects of electrosmog, as well as the radiation from the mobile phone, are neutralized.

Many positive feedbacks confirm that, with the energy corrections of Dr. Prabhat Poddar, alot people around the world can benefit from them. Thanks to the measures that act on an energy level, it is not necessary to make changes to the existing building.

The most important points that are checked and possibly harmoised during a Vastu correction in a home are:

  • analysis of the building and property plans
  • defining the direction of rotation (right / left) of the energies
  • identification of any interference fields (magnetic grids, water flows, etc.), in places where you sleep or work
  • detection of building openings (if door openings – even balcony doors – or mirrors fall on seating or workstations)
  • position of the kitchen, hob, oven, hood
  • analysis of drains and sinks, toilets, showers, floor drains in the bathroom, boiler room, cellar, garage, terraces
  • energy limitation of bathrooms and / or their doors
  • correction of mobile phones, WLANs, computers, televisions, cordless phones, radio-controlled devices, eg. wireless mouse, keyboard, printer, alarmclock, etc.
  • negative influences from the outside, such as high voltage current and the mobile phone antenna
  • control and correction of the energy flow of single-leaf windows and doors
  • TV sockets
  • neutralization of the main power supply radiation – if not aligned
  • neutralization of the boiler room – if not aligned
  • neutralization of the radiator manifold – if not aligned
  • air exhaust systems – eg. toilet, kitchen etc.
  • doors or windows in the living area that are larger than the entrance door must be reduced in size
  • neutralization of sharp edges on beams and wall corners
  • stair control
  • check for any elevations, extensions or separations (e.g. balconies)
  • control of the energies of the living space
  • if necessary, setting the energy point oft he house or building
  • control of the external area, eg. alleyway, driveway, garage, roof, any fountains, ponds, streams, garden, etc.
Energy correction of drains
Energy correction of the door opening
Identification of any interference fields on the bed

Plants in the building or on the property:

Dr. Prabhat Poddar has so far discovered only one plant that has a negative effect on humans when kept in the building or property.
This Araceae plant is called “Epipremnum Aureum” and has a negative effect on the nervous system and positive energy.

Epipremnun aureum