Questions to Dr. Prabhat Poddar – Interview

1. What does “Vastu” mean and what does it entail?

The term “Vastu” derives from the union of “Vasa”, which means “house, and “Shastra”, which indicates knowledge. Vastu is therefore the knowledge of the house and the dwelling. Vastu has positive or negative repercussions. When things are not properly related to Vastu, they can cause disease – such as tumors, stomach problems, respiratory disorders, heart disease, migraines, sinus infections, etc. but also financial problem, relationship difficulties, physical stress, lack of harmony and peace. On the other hand, when the design conforms to the principles of Vastu, the building provides peace, harmony and well-being in all aspects of life. 

2. How did you get to know Vastu and how long have you been practicing it?

I discovered Vastu in 1983, after having been to Europe to deal with geobiology. The principles of energy, which I had discovered through geobiology, helped me understand that Vastu is

based precisely on those same principles of energy. I was able to learn the basic elements of Vastu thanks to the help of one of the most extraordinary masters, Sri Krishna Bhatt of Mangalore. I have been studying and practicing Vastu for 38 years.

3. Does Vastu have anything to do with geomancy?

(Editor’s note: geomancy is a method of divination inspired by natural or artificial signs in the ground). Geomancy is based on the observation of nature and its influences on our life. It is a practice that, slowly and over the centuries, has given rise to a deeper understanding to more structured sciences, such as Vastu Shastra in India, Feng Shui in China, Zen in Japan and geobiology in Europe.

4. Why do you think Vastu is knowledge to be taken seriously?

Vastu has always been defined as knowledge, as Shastra. In fact, the full name is “Vastu Shastra”. I tried to understand why it is defined as knowledge, why this ancient knowledge is science and why it is still valid today. During the experience of the last 38 years, this knowledge has allowed itself to be discovered again and now I have understood how important and necessary this knowledge is today for our life. It gives us wonderful and sometimes surprising results.

5. Do you believe that the Western world has the ability to understand the teaching of Vastu?

The principles of Vastu are universal principles composed of subtle and deep energies, which exist in the human body and influence it. These fundamental elements were known in every ancient culture, as architecture shows us. With the exception of India, this knowledge has been lost in all other countries. Now we are exploring, rediscovering and sharing it with the rest of the world. I am very happy to see people so attentive and interested, the response to this ancient knowledge is encouraging.

6. What measures and techniques do you use to conduct your work on Vastu?

We use an instrument, the Lecher Antenna, invented in Germany, with which it is possible to measure high frequency emissions. The Lecher Antenna currently in use allows you to detect the radiation present in a building (for example, bioelectromagnetic waves, water flows, etc.), to identify interference and to understand how they interact negatively with our body. With this tool it is also possible to verify the effectiveness of the corrections made using specific materials, or if it is necessary to put into practice further measures. The results of the corrections are always immediately verifiable with the Lecher Antenna. To implement Vastu corrections in the building we use specific techniques and materials. For example: small marble cubes, thin copper sheets with spiral symbols, made especially for Vastu corrections. We have verified that through these materials, for example, it is possible to block the energy flows of the openings of doors and windows, or to free up energy flows, modify the emissions, block or neutralize, for example, electrosmog. In spaces or land that are not positioned correctly it is also possible to intervene on the energy by separating it or correcting it.

7. Can Vastu really support the healing process from disease?

What we discovered is that many health problems are related to the building. Unfortunately, people know nothing about the principles of Vastu and its influences on health, and we architects are often unwittingly responsible not only for people’s health, but also for their economic condition, the progress of their relationships, etc. Yes, in a broader sense Vastu can bring about improvements in health, financial condition and relationships; but it is not a substitute for medicine nor can other fundamental factors such as personal attitudes or lifestyle habits be ignored.

8. Could you give us some examples of the effects of Vastu in the various fields involved, such as health, relationships, economic success?

There are many relevant examples in the health field. I am reminded of a family from Nagpur, in central India, who moved into their newly built house. Immediately the lady began to experience severe pain in her legs. After two years there was no longer any medical preparation that could help her. The cause was that the kitchen was not positioned correctly – it was south-west. As soon as the kitchen was moved to the southeast and the lady began to cook with her eyes facing east the pain disappeared completely in two weeks, never to return. Another example that comes to mind is a recently built house in Kanpur, North India, inhabited by two partner families in business in the shoe trade – the business was so good that they were called ‘the shoe kings of India “. Immediately after moving to the new home, the members of the two families began to quarrel with each other, even reaching legal proceedings, a situation that caused a serious crisis in the company. The main kitchen of the house was on the north side, which indicates the sphere of finance. As soon as the kitchen was corrected in terms of energy – without moving anything – in less than a month harmony returned between the two families and the company, where everything started to go smoothly again.

9. Do you feel the benefit immediately from a Vastu correction or does this take time?

We are still trying to understand it: after an energy correction or a harmonization intervention (verified through the Lecher Antenna) sometimes the positive effects manifest themselves immediately, sometimes after 24 hours, other times after days, weeks or months.

10. Electrosmog is a decidedly current issue in the Western world. Can Vastu also eliminate electrosmog?

Electrosmog is a phenomenon linked to our modern technology, which was not present in the past. During my research, thanks to geobiology, I discovered that there is no way to block electromagnetic waves, which are always and in any case present. We can only prevent its negative effects on our body. Although the principles of Vastu are very ancient, it tells us how it is possible to prevent the negative influences of electrosmog on our body. When, through our specific measures, we implement a Vastu correction, it is reflected on the person, immediately harmonizing the electrosmog effects. (da correggere nella versione italiana.

11. Does Vastu resolve or eliminate water flows and their negative effects?

Yes, when we are in the presence of buildings that have yet to be built, the principles of Vastu that apply are two factors: before the foundations are laid it is necessary to create a first layer of 2-3 mm of lime which allows us to neutralize all emissions harmful to our body, such as terrestrial radiation, magnetic fields, water flows and other disturbing factors that come from the subsoil. It is also very important that the steel used for the construction of the foundations and structural parts of the building is grounded, so as to create the neutralizing effect of the Faraday cage around our body. At the end of the construction we intervene with the Lecher Antenna to detect the presence of residual magnetic fields, underground water flows, terrestrial radiation or other disturbing factors in the building – if necessary, we implement with our correction techniques to harmonize the disturbing factors.

12. When, in a multi-family building, a unit has its house corrected, does the correction automatically extend to the other units as well?

It often happens, for example, that there are contrasts between condominiums. Until a Vastu correction is made on the entire building, the benefits of the single intervention are not reflected in the other homes. If instead we act on the entire housing complex, then the benefits will involve all the inhabitants. As for the correction of a single housing unit, it involves and concerns only the people who live in that specific apartment.

13. What are the most important projects you have carried out so far?

I corrected many buildings throughout Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, India, in the far and near East; I have corrected residential buildings, offices, companies, factories and so on. In India I was commissioned by the Oneness Organization to follow the construction of the Golden City as chief architect, designer and construction manager. I worked on this project for over 10 years, from 2000 to 2010. The city is located near Tada, about 10 km north of Chennai, in southern India. The Golden City is unique in both design and architecture: each building was designed and built according to the exact principles of Vastu.

The first observations I heard from very different people when they first saw this place were: “We have a feeling of peace, harmony and well-being!”.

 I remember that a spiritual master of the Japanese Zen tradition, visiting this project, said: “I had never felt such strong energy flow in me as in the Meditation Center of the Golden City”.

I also designed, always according to the principles of Vastu, private homes, companies and offices for various organizations in India:

– the last project was an office complex with an area of ​​5,500 m2 for the Rishabh Software company in Baroda, inaugurated in March 2014. The company was recognized as the fastest developing software company in the entire state of Gujarat; also in Baroda, Gujarat,
– the Prakash Chemicals office complex;
– the new Alfaa UV industrial plant in Pune, near Bombay. They produce hydraulic filters for both domestic and industrial use and export allover the world;
– the temple and meditation hall for Oneness Organization in Bangalore;
– a city school complex near Pondicherry, in southern India – also known as “Vellai Thamarai” that is the White Lotus project;
– over the years, large residential projects for ADI Incorporated, in California and the United States.
Over the years I have also collaborated with large clients to intervene on corporate buildings, offices or homes. These include:
– Mittal Steel Group – Bombay, Punjab, West Bengal and Odisha factories; – Sterlite Group – Tuticorin project, in South India, and aluminum processing plants in Pune and Odisha;
– G.P. Goenka Group – plants in West Bengal; offices and homes in Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay; – Mr. Ashok Soota, owner of the world-famous software company “Happiest Minds” – facilities in Bangalore, offices in various countries;
– J. Sagar & C., legal services – offices in Dehli and other states of India;
– Baidyanath Ayurveda Products – for the Nagpur headquarters, homes and offices;
– Chemet Group – offices and homes in Bombay and Amby Tal; Academy of Homeopathy and Hospital in Gujarat;
– Mr. Nitin Shah (USA) – home in New Jersey and offices for his software company in New Jersey and India – Bombay, Baroda and Ahmedabad.
There are hundreds of organizations, companies, private businessess and individuals who, over the years, have collaborated with me or are in the process of doing so, both in India and around the world, and who have benefited from the application of Vastu corrections.

14. In which countries do you hold training courses?

At the moment I run Vastu in India, France, Italy, Germany and Russia. I also held some seminars in Kuwait and England.

15. Are there any Vastu consultants trained by you in Italy who speak Italian?

Yes, there are Vastu consultants trained by me who speak Italian.

16. Every Westerner associates the Taj Mahal with India, which is considered to have an extraordinary architecture. Are there also buildings designed and built according to the Vastu principles in the West?

All buildings belonging to all the ancient cultures of the world were built in accordance with the Vastu principles. The ancient Romans fully adopted this knowledge; some places built according to these principles have survived until today, such as Villa Adriana near Rome. They also built entire cities according to the principles of Vastu, such as Carthage in Tunisia.

We find excellent examples of this knowledge and its application even among royal palaces, public buildings, cathedrals and private residences across Europe. There are also cities designed and built according to these principles – an example above all is Venice.

In ancient Egypt; among the Mayans and Aztecs in South America; in the Muslim kingdoms of the Near East; in Southeast Asia with Hindu and Buddhist influences, China, Japan, Korea and Tibet; everywhere we find extraordinary examples of how ancient traditions have integrated the principles of Vastu into their architecture, each with its own style and expression. So we have a cathedral, a mosque, a ziggurat, a temple or a Buddhist cloister.

17. Can you explain to us what the method you have developed to correct existing buildings consists of and what experience you have had in corrected buildings?

The most important purpose of Vastu is to maintain the harmony of every human body present in every building. To do this, it is imperative to know what has a good or a bad influence on the human body. For a long time I could not find any reference points. Fortunately, during a profound spiritual experience, I had an intuition. I understood how within each there is a complex network and a system of Nadi (energy lines), how they are made, how they work and how they are influenced on all sides by bioelectromagnetic emissions.

 It was a real challenge, in which no one could guide me. I had to abandon myself to my deepest inner experience and with those few tools available to research and understand how that detailed and complicated Nadi system works in the body, naturally the same in every human being in every part of the world. It is a search that lasted a few years, before reaching full understanding.

The next step in my exploration was to find ways and possibilities to keep the energy axes in our body in harmony. It was necessary to deepen the research to understand the different principles and different architectural traditions – after countless tests it became evident that, inexplicably, in all the ancient buildings of the world the energy axes of the body were spontaneously in harmony, which is exactly the opposite modern buildings.

The question at this point was: what did men know and practice in ancient times that we have forgotten today and no longer use?

Therefore it became essential to study the principles of Vastu and to find people who still possessed this knowledge and its application, people with whom we could work together. The entire study and research phase lasted a couple of years, a phase that ultimately led me to acquire ways and means to harmonize and neutralize the different types of bioelectromagnetic emissions; something that today, with modern technologies, has become enormously more complex, also because so far there are very few studies and researches in this direction.

The benefits of this harmonization were completely unexpected and people have reported wonderful experiences and positive changes in their lives in different areas. For some, problems of comfort, health or relationships have been resolved, others report a life in harmony and peace. But the greatest achievements of a Vastu correction are achieved when people experience a feeling of peace in the building. I find this to be the best gift you can give in the world.

Thanks to the success all over the world and people’s enthusiasm in putting the principles of Vastu into practice, today it is possible for me to share this knowledge with other people and pass it on. I am truly happy that there are people who study these principles with enthusiasm and apply them with amazing results. I feel truly fulfilled when I have the opportunity to help someone, bringing luck, harmony and peace into their life.